John Fowler

Thank you for visiting my website and landing here to learn more about me. I became interested in photography when I worked at Odeon Photo in Paris, France. Access to many wonderful photographers, cameras, lenses, and a dark room I became anxious to learn more. When I returned home to Harrison, NY I began studying fine arts at Manhattanville College in Purchase, NY. I had an opportunity to study various aspects of art including art history, print- making, graphic design, drawing, and painting classes. In 1973 I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. My fine arts education especially looking back at the master painters still influences my image making today. The master painters can teach us so much about composition, light, and color in an image.

I am currently developing several workshops to take place in Texas, Utah, France in 2016. I currently have completed freelance assignments in real estate, architecture, and construction photography. My photo essays on topics such as the plight of the homeless, natural wonders of the Southwest, and local interest were published in several magazines. I presented two gallery shows and won several awards for my work. My interest spans a wide range of interest from sports to photojournalism, construction, wildlife, urban landscapes, and landscape photography. I am accepting freelance photography assignments. My work delayed on my website are available for sale.

Please feel free to contact me at or call me at 214-205-2995.

The Rest of The Story: Shortly after graduating I became interested in marketing and began a long, fun, and successful business career. My experience in sales and marketing included 24 years in management positions in the video game business, and owning a game development company. In 1998 I became a Director in the Executive Education Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. I returned to the University after closing my development company to teach bright young creative students in Arts and Technology. I enjoyed working and teaching in the Naveen Jindal School of Management where I was a Director of Corporate Education and a senior lecturer. I retired from the University of Texas at Dallas after 13 years of service in May of 2014. I still teach business classes internationally for SKema, a French Business School in Lille and Paris, France. I teach for Shanghai Jiao Tong University and taught at Reims Management School in Reims, France. The course I teach is entitled the Digital Revolution an entrepreneurship and innovation using case studies about organizations that build their businesses around the Internet and Social Media.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.


 All photographs Copyright 2000-2015 by John Fowler, All rights reserved

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